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~~Missouri River Boat Fishing ~~

first day of spring

Ready For Flight


Mile 1

Fly Fishing has become very popular. If you do not enjoy fishing with a lot of other folks, I suggest you try to come out early or late in the season. The early season starts in March, this month can have some cool temps, but, not a lot of other fishermen. Prime fishing starts in April and May, warmer weather and great Dry Fly fishing. The other time the river is much more quiet is in November. At this time of the year there are Midges,, Blue Winged Olives, great streamer fishing and some nymphing. The fishing most years is wonderful, depending of course on weather. In March,April and May we have Midges, March browns, Caddis, and Blue Winged olives. There is super dry fly fishing, good streamer fishing,(no weeds! ) and, always nymph fishing. So, if you want to miss the crowds, try fishing in the Spring, or Late Fall on the Missouri! October is one of the best months of the entire season.

The local guides on the Missouri all in all are a good group. Most of the best guides on the river fish the entire 35 miles. This river has a lot to offer, shallow riffles, weed lines, back eddy's, current lines, flat water, channels, you name it , we have it. If you find yourself (and your guide) just below the Holter dam, doing "row arounds", nymph fishing for more than a  couple of row arounds, your missing out, not only fishing wise, but, on the entire river experience of the diverse fishing the Missouri river has to offer, the bird life, fauna, the ever changing water. It's fun to catch fish, it's more rewarding to learn how to catch fish!


Mile 6.8

Mile 15.4


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The "lower River", from Pelican Point to the town of Cascade, is right on the flight path of over 7000 Bald and Golden Eagles passing through along the Eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. Some days in the Spring, one can view as many as 8-10 Eagles in one Cottonwood tree. 

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