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Missouri River Fly Patterns

"Guide Flies"

-Terrestrials- and- Stoneflies-and -Scuds

Pinkie, great early spring fly

Skwala Nymph #8 & 10

Skwala # 10
Sm pinkie

 Dark czech Scud # 16

Skwala # 10 bullethead

Blue Damsel

Purple Haze # 16

Rock worm # 8 & 10

Red legged Hi-Viz  Hopper

Half a Chicken rubber legs

Yellow Sally # 14


Para Black Ant

Rainy's Pink Hopper

Black Ant

Red Ant

Yellow Morish Hopper


"Half a Chicken" Caddis

Soft Hackle BH Caddis

Cripple Caddis Emerger

Green Caddis Pupa

Tan Caddis Pupa

Para Caddis

Caddis emergers

Royal Elk Hair Caddis


Cripple Hatching Midge Black

Blood Midge

Griffiths Nat

Zebra Midge
green midge cripple


PMD em Para

Para Adams Pink Top # 12-22

Para Blue Winged Olive

Cripple Mayfly

Cripple Pale Morning Dun
PT Flashback

Rusty PMD Spinner

Pearl Lighting Bug BH

Double Wing Trico Spinner

Trico Spinner

CDC PMD Emerger

Hi -Viz Blue  Winged  Olive Para

Brown Drake cripple

Baetis EM


Daly Bug

Fall Special Bugger Rubber Legged

Black Bunny Leach

Clouser Minnow
red bellied girdle bug

Black Bugger Leach

Deadly Crawfish

With these flies, and a good cast, and a good drift, (plus ,some of your favorite patterns) one can catch many fish on the Blue Ribbon Missouri River!

Use Flies that work, keep it simple....

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